Arriving by car:
No matter from which direction you arrive, please first drive into the downtown of Dresden - intersection St. Petersburger street / Bürgerwies Park Strasse, across from the town hall tower.
The "golden town hall man" (from Richard Guhr) has a cornucopia in his left, that he pours out over the city and with his outstretched right hand he shows the direction towards our guest house, which provides a good orientation and can be seen from all directions. The Bürgerwiese Park Strasse towards Pirna is the beginning of the street B 172. You follow this street until Lockwitztal Strasse (next intersection after the building centre BAHR). Turn left and go straight ahead for approximately 5 minutes until Bahnhofsstrasse. After 150 metres, you arrive at our guest house at Bahnhofstraße 11. (Room rental, family Dr. Genne)
In the main building, you see the bakery shop "SACHSE“ that, using Saxon traditional recipes, bakes the best and most delicious rolls and cakes all over Germany. Please drive into the yard here.


Arriving by train:
From the main train station, you take the suburban railway towards Pirna, Schöna.
After a 12 minute ride, please get out at Niedersedlitz. Go down the stairways, turn right and follow the Bahnhofstrasse. After 5 minutes, you reach our guest house. If you have too much luggage, we would be pleased to pick you up at the station.